TIMWETECH has proprietary technology that enables MNO to manage entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition with high effectiveness and preventing fraud, up to customer up-sell, cross sell or churn prevention.

Our approach ensures transparency in the ecosystem while optimizing telco customer communications and customer lifecycle management efforts.


TIMWETECH know-how in the digital ecosystem is vast and dates since the early 2000’s. Since then, it has evolved into a comprehensive set of platforms with proprietary algorithms that help to understand shifting market trends, changing consumer interests, introduction of new and better technologies resulting in more effective marketing efforts.

TIMWETECH focus on understanding consumer behavior and establishes strong partnerships to deliver the best solutions both for Carries and brands on Digital environment. The solution is enriched by aggregating MNO channels and best in class Fraud control features. All combined makes TIMWETECH a key market player and a certified Google Partner.


A key challenge of mobile carriers is to build sustainable value from their customers over time by increasing engagement and ARPU while reducing network churn. TIMWETECH supports carriers to achieve their goals focusing in critical areas of the customer lifecycle, such as acquisition, retention, revenues growth as well as overall customer satisfaction.

TIMWETECH delivers results by activating the CVM insights, by introducing innovative approaches and gamification techniques. This is only possible through our proprietary technology that enables data mining technics, clustering, behavioral analysis and provides outcome prediction understanding the impacts that immersive gamification mechanics have on customers actions.

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