At TIMWETECH we are fully committed to Total Quality Management (TQM), which is translated into a continuous improvement of our products and services, from a client-centric point of view.


From the start, our vision has been focused on maintaining and increasing our clients’ satisfaction, reliability and trust. This vision is reflected on our dedication to become, and remain, a highly trusted partner to our clients.


In our perspective, the way to achieve the highest levels of quality is by pursuing a continuous improvement of our software platforms and systems engineering processes. Our approach is grounded on the strong belief that bringing business gains is of the most importance, translated in on-time deliveries, within budget and according to the best market practices.


Besides processes and methodologies, we always seek to embed quality in our values, our company culture and, therefore, in the way we work. Our seasoned teams of high quality professionals, with their vast backgrounds and skills, dedicate their talent to this highest goal every day.



TIMWETECH’S ISO 9001 Certification

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