How We do It

Our core values are based on the maximum value creation and business enablement for our clients.

At TIMWETECH, we truly believe that the only way to achieve our mission is to serve our clients with the best practices, while adjusting to their needs, challenges and goals, as well as to market trends and the constant technological evolution.
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The robustness and reliability of TIMWETECH’s solutions is directly connected with the set of technologies, standards and technological skills that are used to provide all our products and services.

Tailor.Made Solutions

At TIMWETECH we like to bring personalised solutions for our clients, rather than just selling boxes of standardised products and services. Our global track record across several verticals allows us to do this, while offering well proven solutions with great results.

Quality Management

At TIMWETECH we are fully committed to Total Quality Management (TQM), which is translated into a continuous improvement of our products and services, from a client-centric point of view.


At TIMWETECH we believe that investing in Innovation is not only a necessity but a long-term strategic choice, to ensure the improvement that enables our continuous growth.

Project Management

TIMWETECH manages all of its projects according to the AGILE methodology, where knowledge, skills, tools and techniques are used, to guarantee that all project objectives are met.


TIMWETECH is strongly committed to ensure the highest levels of information security. This commitment has been further reiterated with the security certification obtained in December 2014 in accordance with ISO 27001 Standard.

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